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This is a question that lots of home sellers have. Real estate agents will always want to know this information before they show you homes because it makes a difference in how they can help you. This website here will help answer the question and give you some tips about what size house sells the fastest in real estate markets today.

Rental Demand

The reason the size of the house you buy matters in the market is that houses that are too small or too big may not rent out very quickly. A good real estate agent will screen homes and target a certain range so they can find you a home that is large enough to rent out, but not so large you could sell it fast. For example, 1,500 square feet would be on the “too small” side of things because it is too small for many renters and not worth renting for a long time. 2,000 square feet would be the “too large” side because most tenants would rather rent a 1,500 or 1,800 square foot house and stay for a long time.

Days On Market

The graph below shows you how size and days on the market are related. As the size of the house increases, time to sale also increases.

Buying A House

2,500 square feet is too large for most people to buy and sell fast

If you want your home to sell fast, 1,500 to 2,000 square feet is a great size range. You can expect it to be on the market only a few months and at a decent enough price so it will sell quickly.

Size and Price

The size of the house you buy matters in another way as well: it affects the price you’ll pay. The graph below shows how prices increase (with some wiggle room as they are just averages) as the size of the house increases.

After you have chosen a house, you need to make sure it is in the right price range. If you choose a home that is too small or too large, the market price won’t be higher than what it would be if you picked a larger home.

If there are other factors that make it hard for your home to rent quickly, such as high maintenance costs, low inventory, and potential for flooding, your real estate agent may find it more difficult to sell.

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