SEO Ranking Factors- Perform Better Than Your Competitors

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Certain factors could increase the rank of your website and are known as SEO ranking factors. Various search engines have defined certain factors required to increase your website’s ranking index.

Ranking simply means where your site stands when a keyword related to your website is searched on a particular search engine. When you work following SEO ranking factors, there is a better chase that your website will work better than the others and will have an increased chance of better traffic. The top results are the ones that the users most visit, and therefore it becomes necessary to be on the top or at least on the first page of the search result page. It is because more than fifty percent of people do not check the second page of the search engine results.

SEO Content AI gives you insights into the ranking factors and how to apply them for a better ranking of your website. One important thing that the analyst needs to remember is that these factors are not fixed and are prone to changes depending on the requirements of changing trends. But the company takes care of that and keeps updating factors so that your site’s ranking is always the best.

Most important ranking factors that Google defines:

  • Reliable and Easy to Access- your website should not be among those who steal the user’s data and are questioned for privacy issues. It should be easily accessible.
  • The loading speed of the page- irrespective of the device on which your site is being opened, the web pages of your website should not take too long to load. According to a survey, people leave your site if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, given the internet connection is fast and stable.
  • Mobile interface- the website should adjust according to the interface of the mobile and should be easy to read. Your website should not be desktop, laptop, or tablet-oriented.
  • Keywords- one of the most important factors for a better reach. Your website should contain relevant keywords related to the content.
  • Links- internal links and backlinking make your site more impressive and accessible
  • Social networking sites- are very impactful and should be used to study analytics. It is smart to mention your social networking site links on your website.

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