Should You Include Your Website URL on Business Cards in 2023?

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In the digital age, many wonder if business cards still need to feature websites when that information is easily searchable online. However, most experts recommend continuing to list your URL.

Your website is a key way customers can learn more about your business after connecting in-person. Even if discoverable through search, providing the direct link on your card makes follow-up effortless.

List your website prominently on both the front and back of your Metal Business Kards. This gives multiple touchpoints for the recipient to note it down.

Keep the URL clean and simple without lengthy subdirectories or parameters. For example, “” rather than “”.

To save space, consider using a shortened link service like to condense extremely long website names into something like “”.

Just be sure to choose a reliable service that will maintain the shortened version over time. You don’t want cards printed with defunct links.

For businesses that rely heavily on brick-and-mortar rather than online sales, the website URL can potentially be omitted. For example, restaurants or retail stores may prefer devoting that space to practical details like hours and address.

However, having a website remains useful even for location-based businesses, to provide menus, contact options, announcements and more. So the URL is still recommended when possible.

Just as phone numbers remain standard on business cards despite being searchable, your website address is still important to feature directly. Those few seconds to type or click a link can be the difference between connecting or forgetting to follow up.

With website use growing each year, prospects expect and prefer to have your URL handy on your card. Following conventions also gives your brand a polished, professional look.

While we’re well into the digital age, simple tools like business cards are still invaluable for in-person networking. List your website prominently to seamlessly bridge the physical and online worlds.

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