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Apples to Apples for Ohio Electricity

The Public illuminating company of Ohio has created a table known as Apples To Apples which allows customers to compare plans and rates for electricity within the state’s deregulated market. PUCO is also responsible for the official website, Choose Energy, where users can enter their zip code and choose which utility provider they choose to use for residential service.

Understanding Your Electricity Bill

A lot of electricity bills include terms or items that are confusing to the consumer. The website of PUCO, Apples to Apples, helps to unravel these mysteries to help consumers better comprehend their electricity bills and how to read them.

Electric customer rights

Apples to Apples offers information on the rights of customers generally. It also provides information on how to submit a complaint or complain about unfair business practices. It also includes a list of questions to ask suppliers, as well as an interactive map of the areas that each supplier is located.

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