Selling a house: rules and advice for property owners

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Selling a house is a delicate operation. We know this well, also because for years many homeowners have turned to us for advice, help or advice. And every time, with our expertise, we have shown them that their most recurring fears – taking too long, or being forced to face overwhelming bureaucracy – can be proven wrong thanks to experience , passion and method .

Yes, it is possible to sell a house quickly and without risk . The key thing is to have the right information. That’s why we decided to write this guide for homeowners . But let’s start at the beginning

Selling a house: why entrust the exclusive mandate to an agency

As in any business relationship, trust is everything. Therefore, assigning an exclusive mandate to a real estate agency requires trust in the agent’s skills and ability to identify the best solution for all parties. But what does an exclusive assignment mean ? It means that the owner undertakes to leave the task of managing the negotiations related to the sale of the property to the sole agent . This does not mean that it is not possible to support the real estate agent in the search and identify a potential buyer on your ownof the property: however, this is a choice that doesn’t make much sense, because we would still have to pay the agreed fee to the real estate agency.

Beyond these examples, why is it convenient to confer an exclusive sales mandate ? We’ve said it before: trust . Volpi Case, for example, favors this type of relationship with its customers because it puts the parties – owner and real estate agency – in a position to work with greater transparency and mutual commitment . In fact, the risk of behaving differently, i.e. not granting the exclusive assignment to anyone and, at the same time, entrusting the sale of the property to various real estate agencies , can lead to taking unnecessary risks : without prejudice to the obligation to do our utmost towards all customers, we limit ourselves to stating that many real estate agencies give priority to those who have granted them exclusive rights. Lengthening times and complications of all sorts are the logical consequence of this process.

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